How to wear high heels without pain

If you ask a woman what gives them confidence and a big smile, a pair of high heels will probably be one of them. Even when it is a choice of women from ancient times, it has still been on the top list when it comes to looking classic and sophisticated. However, there is no denial about the fact that high heels can be uncomfortable. It can be painful. So, you must find proper ways to wear high heels without feeling pain.

How to wear high heels without pain

If you are someone who always loves to wear high heels but feels the pain that restricts you from wearing these stylish shoes, then here is the answer for you.

Make sure you properly moisturise your feet: 

The first and foremost thing you need to do is ensure less friction. When we move, we experience fiction which can result in burns and blisters. So, if you don't want to experience such discomfort, you can choose to moisturise your feet before wearing high heels.

Choose the right foot size: 

One of the most crucial things you need to check while choosing footwear is the size. Before buying a pair, it is better to ask the person in the shop to check your foot size. Since our size keeps changing not just when you grow up but also when you're a grown-up, it is better to check the size and then choose the size of your shoes.

Don't avoid checking your foot shape: 

Even when we check our foot size, very few of us actually pay attention to the shape of our feet. Some people have smaller toes, others have wider ones, and some have longer fingers. There are several other variations. So you must keep in mind the shape of your feet while choosing high heels.

If your feet have a wide shape, it is mostly advised not to choose closed front designs. It is better when you select a wide front or open toes. Even people with smaller toes can also choose wide-front shoes. When you select pointed shoes, they will pinch your toe and will make you feel uncomfortable. You will have to keep taking them off to feel relief.

Platforms or blocks?

While a range of variations is available in the market, you can choose according to your shape. No wonder platforms and block heels are more comfortable than pointed heels. However, if you are mostly into pencil heels, it is a must for you to design accordingly. For a change, you can also choose block heels as these look extremely stylish. 

Get extra cushions: 

When you choose shoes with thin soles, you will inevitably feel pain on the bottom of your feet. So it is better that you get cushions that act as a shock absorber. Make sure to rest and get the heel out every now and then. Stretch your feet and give a lot of breaks that it requires.

While high heels are always trendy, it has an increased risk of getting an ankle sprain. So you have to make sure that you choose shoes with proper soles to give an adequate cushion underneath your feet and have the right shape and size. Make sure to rest comfortably and remove your shoes frequently to feel relieved.

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