How to Organize a Living Room

The living room is probably one of the most common rooms where we spend most of our time a day. With changes in home decor, living rooms have now become an even more versatile space. We all want to make our home look beautiful and become a reflection of our personality. The living room, which is a common family space for everyone, needs to have everything it requires.

How to Organize a Living Room

So, you need to chalk out the accessories, fittings, furniture, material, and decor items you can place in your living room. Well, it can be intimidating if this is the first time you have started to improve the look or organize a living room. So, here is a brief cheat sheet that you can refer to and plan accordingly.

Tips to Organize a Living Room

Make a Proper Room Measurement

First things first, you need to check the dimensions of your living room. Keep a note of the height and furniture you wish to keep. Now that you have the measurement of your room, you can effectively plan the correct furniture layout you want to include in your living room.

However, be mindful of movement and easy access. Also, it is better if you don't include unnecessary elements that make your living room look haphazard. So, measure first and then start planning.

Choose a Style 

The next important thing is to decide on the furniture aesthetic. You need to find out the style and vibe of your space and make sure that it does not look cohesive. Whether you are willing to make mid-century modern design, minimalistic design, contemporary, modern or eclectic design, you need to have a proper plan set in your mind.

Once you have the style set, you can start adding furniture accordingly. However, pay attention to all the pieces you include in your living room, including lounge chairs, sofa sets, tables, and coffee tables. Make sure that they are similarly styled as you have decided.

Pay Attention to the Functionality and Comfort

Being a common place of gathering, the functionality and design or two crucial factors to pay attention to. So, you have to ensure that the height of the furniture is reachable. An ideal height for a sofa is 17 inches, with a depth ranging between 30 to 36 inches based on the place, space, and the number of sitting areas required.

We will always advise you not to add too much furniture and make the space look congested. Rather than that, you can choose to include minimum furniture with maximum comfort. This will keep the living room accessible and functional.

Do not Forget to include Tables

If you think that since you already have a dining table near the kitchen, you might not require any coffee table. But this is completely not true. Make sure that you include consoles and coffee tables in your living room. It is better to place it between the sofa set and your fireplace to make it comfortable.

However, while selecting the tables, you must decide on the design details, shape, and material properly. Whatever design or material you choose, you must know that it will directly have an impact on the space design aesthetic. So, keep a note of all the details before deciding to make sure that you can organize the living room just as you desire.

Don't Forget to Choose Quality 

The living room is probably one of the most common areas where family members gather. Besides, when you choose to invite guests, this is where you can plan to entertain them. So, you should never fall back on choosing functional and sturdy furniture.

While there is a range of furniture you can find in the market these days, make sure that you choose quality. Do not choose any furniture that looks good but does not have a long-lasting quality. So it is better to always pay attention to the quality when looking for furniture.

Choose Proper Lighting and Placement 

You can now easily find several lighting fixtures available on the market. Whether you bring a lamp or other mood lighting, it is definitely something you should choose depending on the light availability in your living room. With the range of mood lights fixtures and designs of lampshades, you can easily accentuate the living room design.

Keep a note of all the existing lights and write down the additional lamp shades or lighting fixtures you wish to include. Make sure that you can easily switch your living room from relaxing to hosting a guest to making it a working place. Plan to have a music system, TV, and other entertainment fittings that you need. A wall-mounted design will always be a space-saving and desirable inclusion.


Our living rooms are the centerpiece of our homes. So, keeping your personal touch in your home is always better by including the best quality and design furniture. You can stick to your particular style yet go trendy to make your living room look and feel the best.

So, above mentioned are some of the most common ways to organize your living room that will never disappoint you. Always keep your style in mind and choose to buy less furniture by retaining your older ones.

Lastly, here is a pro tip - using photographs, wall art, and sculpture can immediately enhance the look and feel of your living space.

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