Top 6 Signs That Indicates You Are In Happy Relationship

Happy relationships do not mean that both you and your partners will have everything in common.

All relationships are different and everyone has their own taste. Just because you don’t like to watch the same movie as he does, or you don't like to listen to the same song as she does, does not necessarily mean that you cannot survive the relationship.

No marriage is perfect but it should be happy and satisfying. However, like a plant needs constant watering to keep the green alive, every relationship needs to be nurtured to keep it healthy.

Despite fighting over silly matters to serious stuff to laughing our heart out together - everything makes a relationship happy. The strength in your union is in you. No wonder you will know if you are already in a good relationship, but if you still want to know the six major signs then let's proceed ahead.

You can Speak About Anything

When you express yourself without any boundaries, you can laugh, cry, talk about weird stuff, and anything, you definitely have a partner who is the right fit for you. Communication is crucial for any relationship and when you can do it without any limitation, you have your soulmate beside you.

You get Your Own Space

He loves you, yes it's true! But does that mean that he will stick to you? No!

You must know that everyone has their own space and it's wrong to invade it. However, if you have a partner who clearly respects your space and interest, voila! You have her.

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A partner should make you feel to be always by your side when you need and should never poke you when you are spending your time. A partner who lets you enjoy with your friends without questioning, motivates you to go for more, respects your me-time shows that you have made the right choice.

You Fight! Sometimes It Gets On Your Nerves!

Fights are normal! When you are living with someone else, not necessarily he or she will be agreeing about everything that you agree. There will be disagreements that can lead to fights and even worse fights.

But in a healthy relation, the flights generally don't get stretched. It is more productive than devastating as generally fights are over some genuine reasons. You just know that after a fight, the person who has made the mistake must apologize.

This is what makes a relationship healthy.

You Like The Stages In The relationship

There are many times when people are heard to say, “oh we were so good those days rather than what we are now!”

This is something not appreciative. A healthy relationship means to embrace every aspect of the relationship. Remember that winning the lottery, or becoming a millionaire, or having a baby won't change anything if you are not happy where you are. Therefore try to accept where you are now.

We all cherish memories but it is unhealthy to compare it with the current situation. With passing days, we change and our relationships too. Therefore, having a partner who is acceptable and embraces the stages makes a healthy relationship.

You Make Joint Decisions

In a relationship with two people, decisions should also be based on both. One can be more decisive and another can help to think rationally but when it comes to taking a vital decision, it must be both.

With a partner who asks you before buying and questions if he or she is taking the right steps makes a great relationship. From buying a pen to watching Netflix - joint decision doubles the fun. If you are smiling reading this, you are definitely in a great relationship.

You Both Have the Balance

Irrespective of the gender, when both are working, both need to understand. If you are working on stretch, your partner must offer the food, wash dishes and take care of the baby and vice versa. This is what maintains the balance in a relationship.

If you have a man who understands this, you are lucky.

To conclude, a healthy relationship is about both of you. Understanding, respecting and loving each other can make a relationship a healthy relationship. So trust each other and stay happy together.

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