How to Become a Fashion Designer in India

Are you interested to know how to become a fashion designer in India? We will guide you step by step to build your dream career in fashion designing. Keep reading this article!

How to Become a Fashion Designer in India

With the changing aspirations of students, new courses are continuously emerging. One such new and demanding course is fashion designing. It is one of the most chosen paths among clients and students from different backgrounds. This career path can provide students with ultimate opportunities to become successful and earn a wealth of money to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

Fashion designers are professionals who use techniques to create products that the customers require. It takes time to get the fabric and design according to your customer's preferences. The charge of fashion designers greatly varies based on their reputation and design. Since this is becoming highly reputed in the modern world, more students are choosing this as the career option after 12th.

However, if you want to know the steps to becoming a fashion designer, check out the following steps.

Steps on How to Become a Fashion Designer in India

1. Choose a Fashion Designing College After Completing the 12th Exam 

Once you have successfully completed your 12th standard and want to proceed with your dream, your next step is to find a good fashion design college near your location. Completing 10+2 is a must if you want to enroll in the fashion designing colleges in India.

However, you must make preparations from the early phase as you have to take the entrance exams. Make sure you do some research about their entrance examinations to crack and take the bachelor courses. While there are many fashion designing colleges available in India, you must check out one that provides excellent fashion designing courses.

When we ask you to look for a good fashion designing college, not only do you have to ensure that they provide excellent fashion designing courses, but also they make sure of placement. Guaranteeing placements makes sure that you will get a job after you complete your bachelor's courses. This is the first and most important step on how to become a fashion designer in India.

2. Complete your Masters

Once you have completed your bachelor's courses and want to continue your education by taking a postgraduate degree, you can pursue your Master's Degree. Apart from this, you can also join jobs and gain work experience.

Some of the most popular postgraduate levels available for fashion designers include the Master of Fashion Technology, Master of Design, and Master of Fashion Management. Once you finish your master's, you will get more chances of getting placement in some of the reputed fashion design agencies.

3. Create a Design Portfolio

If you're looking forward to becoming a fashion designer, you must create a portfolio of all your designs. Make sure you keep the collections of your prototypes and sketches in place along with all the coursework you did during your studies.

Creating a proper portfolio of the prototypes and designs you have made will give the potential employer an understanding of your knowledge and skills in fashion design. You must keep in mind that if you want to become a part of a reputable name, you must have proper skills and knowledge.

Apart from this, the portfolio can easily demonstrate to your employer your particular style. So, keep all the designs you have created in a file and present them as a portfolio to your employers. The fashion industry is getting more competitive day by day. So, to become a fashion designer in India you should keep your design portfolio ready.

4. Gain hands-on Experience

It is better if you don't keep an expectation that you will immediately get placement in a renowned brand with a suitable payment structure. For that, you have to gain hands-on experience. Even when you have completed your master's, without the proper experience, you will not become an acceptable job applicant.

So, it is always recommended to take internship opportunities with a renowned organisation. When you start assisting experienced designers, you can get practical experience and skills. This is also beneficial in building your professional network. If you are looking for the names of the best fashion designers in India who look for graduates, then they are Raghuvendra Rathore, Varun Behl, Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi Mukherjee and many more.

5. Stay Aware of the Fashion Trends

Fashion is something that keeps changing from one season to another. So, not only do you have to stay knowledgeable about the recent trend, but you also must keep an eye on the upcoming trends. You have to improve your instincts.

The only way you can improve your knowledge is by attending fashion shows and reading magazines and fashion journals. You have to find out opportunities and show your capability on time. Staying aware of the latest trends will always keep you one step ahead on becoming a fashion designer in India.

6. Create your Own Professional Network 

Networking is essential when it comes to becoming a fashion designer. Whether it is colleagues or your fellow mates, or other experienced designers, you should never leave a chance to connect with them. The more you stay associated with these people, the better you become.

Creating a professional network is highly beneficial as not only it improves the chances of getting knowledge but also finding job opportunities. So, nurture positive relationships and join professional groups to stay ahead of everything happening in the fashion world.

Conclusion: Become A Fashion Designer 

These are some of the common steps you must follow if you wish to become the best fashion designer in India. While there are many competitors in the line, you need to be skilled and gain expertise in your field to become a known professional. However, if you wish to become one of the best interior designers in India, you have to follow the same ways. Your initial step is choosing the best college and following a similar approach.

Remember, the courses will provide your knowledge, while the internship will give you hands-on experience. So get going until your desires transform into reality.

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